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Made in USA

Wolf Wire Forms, produces premium quality statinless steel Duo Lock Snaps. If you can use high quality American Made Duo Lock Snaps in your production, or to include in your product line, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Duo Lock Snap opens from both ends

Diversity:This snap opens from both ends, allowing the angler to use it several ways:

  • Tied directly to the line, it can be used to attach a hook, lure or shock leader.
  • Makes an excellent crankbait snap when used without a swivel.
  • Add a swivel to control line twist produced a rotating bait.
  • Add a 3-way swivel or sinker slide to make spcialty rigs.
  • Use them in making wire, monofilament or chain leaders
Also used in many other industries making such things as crafts and hanging signs.

duo lock snap
Size Approx Test Wire
1 20 .018"
2 30 .024"
3 40 .028"
4 60 .035"
5 85 .039"
6 120 .047"

*** New Product ***
Size: 6 - Bank Sinker Snap

Wolf Wire Forms Bank Sinker Duo Lock Snap

Wholesale only - minimum orders apply - contact us for pricing.

For more information contact us:

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